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neha really likes blogs

On some days you decide that you simply don’t have your hands full. And on those days, DesiPundit invites you to join them! Ta-da! From today, Neha joins the ranks of DesiPundit and hopes to dig deeper to find amazing … Continue reading


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ode to weather

When I was in India, and read a few Brit blogs, I used to wonder why there seemed to be an obsession about the weather. Invariably, a reference to clouds, sunshine and wind would be made, with the regularity and … Continue reading


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a wall in china, guidebook and democracy

I’ve been with Global Voices Online for just about two and a half months. And it’s made me more conscious of censorship than ever before. Chinese authorities have become famous for building a different kind of a wall over the … Continue reading

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Women, media, mob and the others

It’s incredible how two separate pieces of news can trigger a strong reaction. Even worse, how the news is reported. First is the case of Kushboo. Yup, the same star who had temples built to her name in the early … Continue reading


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happy birthday google!

The GOOG (which is how you’d know it if you started paying attention to it once the NASDAQ fell in love with it!) is now seven years old! There is enough evidence to suggest that Google placed its paws on … Continue reading


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“You got them too?” said the dog!

It is the job of every citizen to keep his mouth open – Gunther Grass And with those words, we enable commenting! But basic rules apply – No hatespeech, no exchange of phone numbers, no spells. No biting, some snapping. … Continue reading


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while in Leicester Square

How yesterday’s memory is now snoring, sleeping on the evening’s soul. Exagerrated Italian in 6 point font, and salad for the laughing lover. Someone else’s cigarette smoke glued to our coats, gliding night in a train. Mother tongue cussing, and … Continue reading


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