BlogDay – Five blogs and still discovering!

Ta-Da! Blog Day 2005. (Drumroll please!!)

My bloglines list is cluttered and messy. I read a lot. And I realize I read mostly desi blogs, or blogs that talk about my limited interests. But scratching the blog surfaces, I have often found blogs that seem to come from a world very different from mine.

First on my list is the Dervish. She says this about herself-

Umm Yasmin is a woman, wife, mother, feminist, pluralist, sixth-generation Australian, Muslim convert, raised Baha’i, serious student of religion, academic, sci-fi fan, avid reader, webpage designer, Melbournian, coffee drinker, and generally happy person.

Next up, the rib-tickling And your little dog too. By design, wavelength and ideal, the writer goes by the name of Victor Serge. (The more popular Victor Serge died in 1947). A glimpse into this author’s mind you say? To Blogger’s rhetoric question on the profile, this is how he replies –

And now, we serve The Head Heeb. This is from the section that answers who the Head Heeb actually is –
I was named “the Head Heeb” ten years ago, shortly after I joined the New York Army National Guard. I believe that everyone should do at least one thing in his life that is completely out of character – it’s a good way to test one’s limits – and joining the military was mine.

And then there is A walk in the clouds.. . Megha – A bundle of laughs, sudden giggles and crazy ideas. There is no way to even summarize what her blog is all about. :) And there is indianwriting by Uma. One of the most balanced blogs I have come across. Flashes of humour, an interest in anything that moves or thinks.

So there, that’s that. My two (err.. five) paisa on


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