at loss for words.. or something

All your life you have been describing colour. Describing your own in a language that had become your life vein. A language that had begun to convey even the darkest of henna on dusky hands, and articulate the lights of a childhood Diwali.

And then in the land where this language came from, you find your language inadequate, as though all your emotions would be eaten by sarcastic clich├ęs. Not one thought your own.

Your Indian English slowly dissolves in British phrase, and you grope in the dark for some word to explain the fat splat of a raindrop.

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  1. Anand Srini

    we shall invade their lexicons,make deep inroads and cement our language even if it were termed pidgin.

    The journey on their palate reminds them of a dormant taste bud !

    the wheel grinds slowly but surely