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I figured out today while leaning out of the window what it is that I really miss about Delhi rains. 1. The dusky smell of water on caked earth. Mud. Yum! 2. Cows in the middle of the road, letting … Continue reading

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.. water

Incredible, but I haven’t able to blog for a while now. Like I said once, blogging is like potty. You have to do it everyday, or doom yourself to suffer from some kind of emotional-social-almost physical constipation. It’s been pouring … Continue reading

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weekend de-brief

Over the weekend it has started raining in Bombay. Specifically, it really started raining when I was walking back from the Grocery store, caught without an umbrella, and a very delicate (definitely not water proof) cell phone being shielded by … Continue reading

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There is a lot of buzz about the commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs at Stanford. It isn’t exceptional in language or message per se. But what I like most about it, is that it connects to the ignorant clumsy … Continue reading

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Rain rain come today…

The monsoon isn’t here yet. A strange conversation suddenly pops in my head. This was during the Cricket World Cup (2003) when that infamous match, was briefly interrupted by a shower. We must have been about 20 people in that … Continue reading

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Tsunami and six months later..

An extremely interesting opening for journos from SAJA. A fellowship has been set up for reporting on the aftermath of the Tsunami Disaster. The deadline is 25th June 2005. For details go here. It must be said. It must be … Continue reading

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a very loud lout decay

Whatever is happening to this city? Now, let’s be practical. I come from Delhi. Where tempers flare, and every minute, one sees two car drivers holding each other up, defying gravity and cursing the other by describing the sexual history … Continue reading

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