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So how is Yahoo 360 anyway? While us lesser mortals are waiting to be invited to the public beta testing, it looks like err.. the movers and shakers have had a look at it. An interesting review by Danah Boyd … Continue reading

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or how a dog was named

A part of staple diet during the weekend excursions to Vastrapur included hot cups of chai and Parle-G biscuits. This became even more vital during my prep leave which was spent in Ahmedabad instead of Bombay. The chai-biscuit routine was … Continue reading

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to a khanabadosh..

You. A nomad who wants a home that moves, sings and even curses in five languages. Spitting on sidewalks, and then letting loose her oiled hair, rubs it on your chest So your hair can grow long and then weighs … Continue reading

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chilkur and other adventures..

In fact, this would be my first smile and laugh of the day. Today, I had a massive system crash. While data was retrieved, or some of it anyway, I hate it when systems have to be completely redone, it … Continue reading

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some notes..

Note – This isn’t a technical note on Indian Classical Music, but perhaps a reflection on growing up with multiple cultures and identities with respect to Classical music. It also has something to do with my perception of the Hindustani … Continue reading


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work etc

Haven’t posted today. Not really. Feeling like an idiot stuck in a Mensa club. Absolute feelings of intellectual inadequacy. Worse still, when I am told that all my job requires is some smart copy-pasting. So, effectively, I am inefficient even … Continue reading

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Oye Bubbly!

I love Coca Cola I hate Pepsi Cola And despite that, I cannot stop humming that damn Pepsi commercial. Oye Bubbly. Hai Bubbly! Oye Hoy Bubbly!! Just love the bit belly buttons metamorphosis into mouths, and the absolute rubbishness of … Continue reading

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