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Budget Blues

Budget is out! Chidambaram looks mighty pleased with him. Stock Market zooming. Though the biggest gainers/ losers list seems a little inconsistent. I like the way the government assumes that just by hiking allocation for social infrastructure/ development projects, the … Continue reading

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IC so much IC shit I do

What really pisses me off is when some organisations advertise like they want to kiss your feet and rub rose water on your butt, when all they want to do is warm their asses on their chairs. One of the … Continue reading


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The symmetry of two hands and then the sparrow sits on the window grill Showing me its quivering butt It then flew away Leaving incomplete this perfect symmetry.

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Weekend Notes – 1

A strangely hobbit like sister lands from Pune, all sweaty and grinning. So sister landed on Friday. The next 48 hours were a movie Marathon. Eating Marathon and Sleeping Marathon. (Should be a Trialthon right?) Start with a particulary bad … Continue reading

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Requiem – 8 PM

Notes – June 2003. A strange time. After data collection in Bangalore for my thesis, I come back and talk to my Prof. We share a few stupid jokes about how the interviews went. Two days later, I get a … Continue reading

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Moving, shifting and learning

Notes – Piece written in November 2002. We were shifting houses. Moving from an area that had been lived in and bicycled over and over again for the last 15 years. And a new place. With no familiar street dogs … Continue reading

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