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This I meant to upload sometime back! On Christmas, when the fete was on inside my apartment complex, we saw a curious site of a mule ‘dressed’ as reindeer! Both my dad and I are extremely fond of donkeys and … Continue reading

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Kisna, and an interesting break from Blogging

Just saw Kisna. My head hurts slightly. A Pahari who speaks slightly American English when provoked. A dancer fiance who breaks into a rope sequence when provoked. A Raja (of ambiguous origin and orientation) who has the libido of a … Continue reading

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My crazy collection of earrings. Dragged them out on a piece of paper. All happily sitting dazed together. Something about them makes me really happy. :-)

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Cloud burst

Secret cloud messengers hover between two different lands. The shapes of celestial bodies weeping through the telescope. Bloated verse, on your salt, and water. Your skin turns an Indian blue with ink being drunk by heady fat poems. How often … Continue reading

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Poems in the cold

All your baby poems the ones with five lines and no punctuation marks are standing in the cold. Do you think they are lonely.

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A rant on knowing, unknowing

Sometimes in the middle of a sentence, I seem to change a stand. Not so, not so. Only because I feel free to think in front of you, I do and My words follow the same stream of sudden flashes … Continue reading

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Someone sleeping

Of all gentle creatures the ones that sleep and curl themselves to touch their own toes Are the gentlest.

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