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The spider yet again. The last time I posted, the agent truncated it. To lesser glory.

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Scenes from the valley. Yet again. Am struck by the (in)finiteness of certain experiences. Yup. Whatever!

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Vonnegut, and self-pity

A strange day. The office is half deserted. In all honesty, I have enough work to keep me here till really late at night. But one of those days, where neither the weather nor I are decisive enough. As a … Continue reading

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Prints, hands and HDI

These are the introductory lines to the UNDP Human Development Report 2004. Was deeply touched by them. The subtitle that runs below the header, ‘Cultural liberty in today’s diverse world’. Made me smile. Made me happy. Blah Blah. I know … Continue reading

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Einstein on Continuum etc

Was reading a paper on Continuum Hypothesis. Written by this seemingly boundless and incredibly eclectic person, Nancy McGough. Been reading some stuff by her of late. And feeling a little better about the almost-self-imposed-is-a-joke feeling of intellectual tardiness. While the … Continue reading

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Absolutely crappy piece of ramble

There are certain points in animation, when to the eye it is difficult to determine if too much is happening, or nothing is happening. As in, to discriminate between hyper-movement, and non-movement. But if the subject definer be movement, is … Continue reading

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One more from Arraku. Was gazing through the album. And thought this picture had an almost painting like quality. Slightly fuzzy, especially when the artist is no good at drawing facial features. This is somewhat the view from where we … Continue reading

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