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Potato’s Day Out

Humour has been the saving grace. All through out. Over the last few days,laughter has been the casualty as well as the lifeline. Being a ‘funny’ person comes with its own set of limitations. People don’t seem to take you … Continue reading

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Catastrophe after Apostrophe

Since morning a certain lull has overtaken my senses. What would really help is watching a movie like Fight Club. Violence, and some shock. And the beginnings of a wave. Let me be honest, I no longer let my visions … Continue reading

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Apostrophe’s Dilemma

Did you know about this? There is a website dedicated to preserving the functional and perhaps aesthetic purity of a particular punctuation mark. The Apostrophe Protection Society. (Visit The site is dedicated to the cause of fighting against apostrophe … Continue reading

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Arraku, coffee and Meeta

Saturday, Meeta and I leave for Arraku Valley in Vizag. Will be living among the rolling coffee gardens for some five days. Till Vizag by train, and a further journey of four hours. Have heard its bloody beautiful. Arraku is … Continue reading

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Thud Thud goes the night

Yesterday was a tough day to take, digest or even get out of. How easily all that confidence disappears. Sometimes. But I guess it is a matter of picking the self up after the fall. How is it that as … Continue reading

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Jobbing, Yapping and Sundry

A major HR upheaval in the organisation today. Yesterday, I commented to a friend my discomfort with the notion of ‘noble’ being attached to this profession. However, I did always somehow think that being in this profession meant that the … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Discordia

Over the weekend, and a little before.. had picked up the Principia Discordia. Head swam back to it. Today there is so much work, that the distraction is sweeter. Ha! Currently, thinking of what the menu for tonight should be … Continue reading

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