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i’m so scared i’m slipping that i think i might cry

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If there be a piece called ‘La Pathetique’ It would be echoing in my second drawer Loud and dripping over paper that someone once saw

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Vague/ Ambiguous?

Unruly as I am tidy as you are Bright light in small cups which might have been filled with sweet thick milk Love like payasam thick and wholesome and nauseous when had too much You play with the tips of … Continue reading

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Is all poetry a definition of ambiguity When I say my love for you is ambiguous, It doesn’t mean it is vague. Reasonable Interpretation to the rescue of poetic carelessness. Philosophers rushed to the rescue and asked me where the … Continue reading

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So very special

Coaxing the floating rib to finally give up control and sit with the perfect body The beautiful soul bathing in sun and the moon While tears fall on curved edges Mirrors in your eyes You and your beliefs are pouring … Continue reading

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Stinging the Numb

Something in the air has made the last few days exceptionally hard on the spirit. Like damp air that entered a box and robbed it of its crisp laughter. In some mundane hour of yesterday, I lapsed into listening to … Continue reading

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Some jazz gone quiet

There has to be a reason, beyond being able to sit, that drives one to home. But the reasons cannot be composed of circuits. My life revolves around screens and wires right now. My music seems strangely quiet.

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